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How Escorts Charge Their Services


Just like any other industry, the escort industry also has its own way of doing things. One of the things they do almost the same way is the procedure they follow when charging their clients. Chicago Escorts have their own set rules and procedures of charging their clients and these are guided by;

1.    The time they spent with their client

A client who books a Chicago Escort for a day or two might receive a great discount than one who hires them for just a few hours. At the same time, those who hire them for a week or month also enjoy better benefits and discounts compared to one who hires them for a day or two.

2.    Services offered by the escort

Most of Chicago Escorts are very flexible and can do a lot of naughty things just to satisfy their clients. Their goal is making you happy and are always ready to do anything as long as it doesn’t violate their rights to make you happy. However, you should also be ready to pay for the crazy and extra services they offer you.


Always understand how Chicago Escorts work before hiring one. This will not only help you set a budget for yourself but will also give you a better experience with them.

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